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We are always ready to provide you security in affordable rates and full garantee of your protection in any dangerous situation.

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At Rusu Security we offer a wide range of close protection services from one to one body guarding to complete security teams, offering residential protection or that of your business premise, to chauffeur and transportation services.

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Our Technicians believe in the value that give you high quality of technology for your building security. We have specialist for installing security system in your address at on time. They are highly trained for quickly response and provide great service to the our customers

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Whatever you need protecting, be it your business, family or home, the protection of staff, family, premises and property from theft, vandalism or worse is a top priority.

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Protecting personnel from both harm and embarrassment, each with their own unique threat landscapes, is precisely what Rusu Security executive protection specialists excel at.

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Rusu Security provides specialist security services to corporate and high net worth clients.  Based in London with a global capability, our team of experienced protection experts give our clients peace of mind over their personal, business, family and asset security.

Understanding the specific requirements of our varied and diverse clientele, it is our ability to offer a personalised service to suit the precise needs of the individual that sets us apart from our competitors.

Backed up by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, it is this meticulous attention to detail that enables our clients to operate and conduct their business confidently with added peace of mind.

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