Office Security

At Rusu Security we train our office security guards to create a safe environment whilst also maintaining good rapport with employees and clients.

From the start of the working day until the last person to leave, our security team will make sure everyone has been checked in and signed out.

Our customer retention rate stands at 95%, which shows we understand our clients’ needs and how to meet them.

Approved by the SIA, we’re also in the Top of the UK’s private security firms.

Benefits With Our Service

Whether there are people trying to access your establishment without permission, or employees becoming disruptive, rest assured our office security guards will deter such behaviour from occurring.

Anti-social behaviour of any kind is a distraction for everyone else’s working day and could cause potential damage to your business’ reputation.

That’s why our security guards are trained to SIA-approved standards to deal with any physical or verbal threats to ensure your office environment is protected.

Let our office security serve you in keeping unsolicited situations away from your premises.